Bad grammar foils Arkansas cannabis initiative

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ArkansasArkansas cannabis activists were evidently so eager to get a legalization measure before the voters that they shot themselves in the foot by submitting ballot language ridden with grammatical errors. Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said she was forced to reject a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize the herb after finding a number of grammar and spelling bloopers. Rutledge said that even if the folks behind the "Arkansas Cannabis Amendment" had run spell-and-grammar checks before handing in the proposal, it still wouldn't have passed muster.

Among the text's problematic prose was the phrase "any person eighteen (18) years of age and older." Rutledge said this makes no sense because a person cannot be "18 and older"; it should have been rendered "18 years of age or older." The Attorney General also gripes over the the mixing of singular and plural uses of nouns and verbs, as in "State laws as it pertains to marijuana" and "number of license."

The measure was written by Marry Berry of Summit, Ark. She wants to end prohibition across the state and establish a market where "all products derived from the cannabis plant" are no longer criminalized under state law. She intends of correct her text and resubmit it to the state. (High Times, Oct. 28)

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