Fort Collins to vote on dispensaries

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cannabisConservative community groups have launched a ballot initiative to ban cannabis dispensaries in Fort Collins—the only Northern Colorado city that allows dispensaries to operate, under state and local restrictions. Supporters of Question 300, which will be on the ballot Nov. 1, say the dispensaries have made cannabis too available and are increasing crime. A coalition of dispensary owners and patients says dispensaries are the only safe, regulated way for people with legitimate needs to obtain medical cannabis. They argue that closing dispensaries would push more growing operations into residential areas, take tax revenue away from the city, and put about 200 locals out of work. (Loveland Reporter-Herald, Oct. 8)

Two dispensaries—Choice Organics and Flower Power Botanicals—operate just outside Fort Collins city limits in unincorporated Larimer County. The dispensaries are the only two to receive approval from the county after going through its land-use review process. The county banned dispensaries in 2010 but allowed those that had applied for consideration before the ban to complete the review process. Flower Power owner Peter Verchick spoke against the For Collins ban. "There might be an increase in business, but I can't take care of that many patients," Verchick said. "I don't have the capacity, and I'm limited on the number of patients I can have by Larimer County." (, Oct. 24)

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