Humboldt firm markets vegetarian cannabis nutrient

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Northern California's Humboldt Plant Fertilizers (HPF) announced Sept. 22 that it will become "the only natural liquid plant nutrient company banning any use of slaughterhouse by-products such as the bone meal, blood meal, and feather meal almost universally found in all other natural fertilizer products." Every product manufactured by HPF will now bear the "Holy Cow" symbol—a smiling bovine head with a halo and the words "We never use slaughterhouse by-products."

HPF's company resolution asserts that "slaughterhouse by-products clearly are not ideal for medicinal patients with weakened immune systems. Not to mention, some religions also restrict animal by-product consumption."

"We saw the opportunity to tap a market demographic that had previously been ignored" says HPF co-founder Kurt Wygant, "There are many vegetarian growers in our industry. We are talking about growing clean medicine." (PRWeb, Sept. 22)

Graphic by HPF 


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