Introducing Operation Overgrow

Posted on May 23rd, 2010 by looselucy and tagged , .

Wondering what to do with all those extra seeds laying around? Plant them in the wild!  Johnny Pot Seed, a newly established organization for the legalization of cannabis, is heading around the country attending festivals, fairs, and concerts to provide peatpods and instructions for people who want to put their extra seeds to use by planting them alongside highways and country roads. 

Drawing inspiration from the legend of Johnny Appleseed, so far Johnny Pot Seed has managed to plant seeds as far away as Australia using PotPod technology with the hope that if enough Marijuana seeds are planted, the government will be forced to relent.  For more information on Johnny Pot Seed, you can visit their Facebook and Myspace pages, or email them at  

Photo by Drome


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