Montana doctor fined over medical cannabis

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cannabisThe Montana Board of Medical Examiners found that Whitefish physician Dr. Patricia Cole's past work with medical marijuana patients "amounts to unprofessional conduct" and ordered her to pay a $2,000 fine in a May 21 decision.

The board also ordered Dr. Cole to abide by a number of conditions for 12 months. She "specifically is prohibited from serving as the consulting physician for third parties or caregivers in mass conference-like settings akin to that which gave rise to this action."

According to the board's order, Cole saw 151 patients seeking state medical marijuana cards over a 14-and-one-half-hour period during an October 2009 medical marijuana conference in Great Falls. The review concluded that Cole breached her statutory obligations to comply with "generally accepted standards of practice" and the state's Medical Marijuana Act. (Whitefish Pilot, June 2)

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