Three San Diego dispensaries raided by DEA

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CaliforniaOn Jan. 11—at exactly 4:20 PM—three medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of San Diego were raided by the cross-jurisdictional Narcotic Task Force (NTF) of San Diego County. The locations attacked included California's Best Meds on University Ave., Golden West in North Park, and San Diego Organic Wellness Association in Pacific Beach. Armed with handguns, rifles, and battering rams, dozens of masked NTF officers rushed into the facilities, breaking down doors and windows, and forcing all patients inside to the floor.

The raids were a coordinated effort by Bonnie Dumanis, the San Diego District Attorney, and Laura Duffy, the US Attorney for California's Southern District. The San Diego Police Department, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the San Diego County Sheriff's Department all participated in executing the raids. Some 20 activists, patients and supporters gathered outside of California's Best Meds during the raid, and chanted "DEA Go Away!" After repeated requests and pleas with the NTF agents to see their clients, attorneys for the dispensaries were denied access and prevented from going inside the facility to witness the interrogation that was underway. Several hours into the raid, patients—many in tears—were released one by one from the facilities. Medical records, cannabis, computers and other property was confiscated, although there were no arrests. (San Diego ASA, Jan. 12)


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