Cannabis crusader Dennis Peron raided?

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Reports are breaking that Dennis Peron, longtime San Francisco cannabis activist and co-author of California's 1996 medical marijuana initiative,  was raided at his home Aug. 4. Citing posts on Facebook, a report on says that Peron, who was recovering from a stroke, suffered a seizure as city police broke down his door.

The Examiner report cites one Leland Cole saying on Facebook that it was "detective Vegas, (partner of the narc who shot Dennis in '78)" who broke down his door. Cole reports that Peron was held overnight, and is at home recovering.

Peron's longtime friend, New York-based cannabis activist and veteran Yippie Dana Beal, posted to Facebook: "They tried to kill Dennis Peron. Narcs broke down his doors. He had a seizure as detective Vegas (partner of the narc who shot Dennis in '78) took him into custody on a trumped-up warrant that was thrown out less than a day later!"

On April 26 on this year, Peron confirmed to the SF Weekly that he'd suffered a stroke.

Last month, Peron came out in the 420 Times against Proposition 19, the new California legalization initiative, on the libertarian grounds that cannabis should not be taxed. The Berkeley Daily Planet on Aug. 3 cited him as one of the activsts who oppose Prop. 19 as too restrictive.

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Dennis Peron in the news... alas

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From SF Weekly, Nov. 3:

Dennis Peron, Pot Guru, Arraigned on Child Porn, Drug Charges

Dennis Peron, the author of the medical marijuana-creating Proposition 215 and a revered figure in the cannabis community, was arraigned today in San Francisco on drug and child porn charges.

The charges stem from a police raid on Peron's "Castro Castle" in August. The "matter depicting a minor engaging or simulating sexual conduct" was allegedly gleaned from a computer on site, according to folks at the Castle when SF Weekly called.

Peron is also accused of possession of methamphetamine for sale; possession of ecstasy; possession of marijuana (surprise); and opening or maintaining a place for the purpose of selling or using any controlled substance. Bail has been set at $200,000; folks at the Castle expect Peron to return home in the next day or so.

Private attorney David Wilton has been appointed to the case; he said he did not have permission to speak to the media. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Lisa Culbertson -- a member of the "Child Assault Unit," incidentally.

Peron, who suffered a stroke in April, was flummoxed by the police raid. "Why me and why now?" he asked SF Weekly at the time.

Peron claimed police took 12 people into custody -- guests at the Castle and some employees, including Peron, who spent the night in jail, he said. Officers also seized an undisclosed amount of cash, a dozen laptop computers -- Peron's laptop and the computers of his guests -- prescription drugs belonging to some of his guests, and a pound of marijuana Peron claims he grew and was in the process of smoking.

Peron told SF Weekly two other people mentioned in the search warrant "tweekers" -- but "neither of them live here or have any connection with" the Castro Castle.



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Dana Beal busted in Wisconsin

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Dana Beal, the New York cannabis crusader who runs Cures Not Wars and organizes the annual Global Marijuana March in May, was arrested on Jan. 6, with 186 pounds during a traffic stop in Barneveld, Wis., according to He and the car’s driver, Lance Ramer of Omaha, Neb., are being held in lieu of a $50,000 bond each in the Iowa County jail in Dodgeville, Wis.

Beal is still facing charges in Nebraska where he was arrested in 2009 after authorities found 150 pounds in the van he was riding in. In 2008, he was arrested in Illinois for possession of a small amount of marijuana and $150,000 in cash. He pleaded guilty to the Illinois charge and paid a fine, but the $150,000 in cash that was seized was not returned. (The Villager, NYC, Jan. 13)

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