Colorado governor signs bills regulating cannabis

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ColoradoGov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado on May 28 signed a new set of laws regulating the use and sale of cannabis. One law, HB13-1317, expands the medical marijuana enforcement division to cover retail cannabis sales. The law also prohibits retail cannabis outlets from selling more than one-fourth of an ounce to non-residents. Another law, HB13-1318, still subject to voter approval in the November statewide election, imposes a 15% sales tax on retail cannabis or cannabis products, and allocates 10% of the total tax revenue among the state's local governments that have at least one retail cannabis outlet. A third law, HB13-1325, provides that motorists found to have blood levels of five nanograms or more of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol per milliliter may be charged for DUI.

Colorado's cannabis industry will for the first few months be limited to those already licensed to sell or produce medical marijuana. Even after the grandfathering period expires, licensees will need to be Colorado residents for two years, and investors will also face residency requirements. The enforcement division is also mandating seed-to-sale video surveillance of all cannabis production. (Jurist, May 29; AP, May 28)

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Colorado voters approve cannabis tax

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Colorado voters on Nov. 5 approved Proposition AA, which levies a tax on all sales of recreational marijuana in the state. The tax will consist of a 15 percent excise tax that will go to fund public school construction projects and a 10 percent state sales tax, a portion of which will be directed back to the localities. Colorado's Legislative Council estimated that the tax would increase state revenue by $67 million in fiscal year 2014-2015 while only costing the state $1.3 million to administer the tax. The measure, which received support from both Republicans and Democrats, will take effect in January 2014. Even opponents of marijuana legalization supported the bill as a way to regulate the already existing industry, originally created by Amendment 64. (Jurist, Nov. 6)

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