East Oakland shoot-out leads to "illegal" cannabis grow op

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CaliforniaA July 12 shootout between a robber and a resident of an East Oakland house led to the discovery of a suspected illegal cannabis grow—that police valued at $200,000—and the arrest of three people. The robber escaped, but those in the house were all arrested after police responded to reports of gunfire. No one was injured in the incident. Police found 249 potted cannabis plants and trash bags filled with about 20 pounds of harvested herb in a search of the house. Lighting, ventilation and power systems were recovered, as well as scales and packing materials, police said.  

Police said two of the residents had valid medical marijuana cards, but that the amount of plants and harvested product was far more than allowed under city regulations.  (Oakland Tribune, July 13)



Corrupt cop goes down in Oakland

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A disgraced former commander of the now-defunct Central Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team pleaded guilty to stealing drugs from evidence lockers and trying to sell them on the street with the help of a private investigator.

Under a plea deal filed last week in federal court, Norman Wielsch, 51,  admitted guilt in an Oakland courtroom to five drug and corruption charges stemming from a 2011 indictment. His disbanded multi-agency task force conducted drug raids and shut down prostitution rings. (AP, Dec. 4)


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