Reggae star Tabby Diamond killed in Jamaica

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Tabby DiamondReggae group the Mighty Diamonds' lead singer Tabby Diamond (née Donald Shaw) was shot and killed in Jamaica in a drive-by attack on March 29. Five people were hit with two dying in the St. Andrew South area. Shaw was 67.

The Mighty Diamonds were founded in 1967, but didn't release their first album until 1976. Their best-known song, 1981's "Pass the Kouchie," is about smoking ganja. One year later, Musical Youth's cover of the song, retitled "Pass the Dutchie," was a No. 10 hit in the US.

"Pass the Kouchie" is based on the 1968 song "Full Up" by Leroy Sibbles.

When the MIghty Diamonds' "Pass the Kouchie" was released in Jamaica, it was banned by the government which opposed "kouchie culture."

The Musical Youth version changed "kouchie" to "dutchie" and "herb" to "food" in order to obscure the song's meaning. 

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Reggae star Bunny Diamond passes on

Global Ganja Report's picture Just days after the shocking murder of Mighty Diamonds lead singer Donald "Tabby Diamond" Shaw, the reggae group has been plunged into mourning yet again with the untimely passing of bandmate Fitzroy "Bunny Diamond" Simpson. Simpson passed away April 1 after a long battle with diabetes. (Jamaica Observer)
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