Rhode Island senate approves legalization bill

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RhodeWith little time remaining in the regular legislative session, the Rhode Island Senate has approved a bill to legalize the possession, purchase and cultivation of cannabis for personal use for adults 21 and older. S 568 would establish a Cannabis Control Commission to regulate the legal market, tax adult-use sales at 20%, and establish a social equity program to support communities disproportionately impacted by cannabis criminalization.

Two other legalization proposals have been introduced in Rhode Island this year. Demcocratic Gov. Daniel McKee included an article in his budget proposal to tax and regulate cannabis for adults, but it was removed in the House Finance Committee’s amendments last week. Rep. Scott Slater introduced a legalization bill at the end of May. That bill has not yet been taken up by the House Judiciary Committee. (MPP, June 22)

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Rhode Island becomes 19th state to legalize cannabis

Global Ganja Report's picture Gov. Dan McKee signed into law May 25 the Rhode Island Cannabis Act. The law allows adult Rhode Islanders age 21 and up to possess (up to one ounce in public or up to 10 ounces at home), home-cultivate (up to six plants, no more than three mature), and purchase limited amounts of cannabis. It also facilitates the automatic review and expungement of past criminal records. (NORML)
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