Connecticut approves medical marijuana bill

Posted on May 7th, 2012 by Global Ganja Report and tagged , , , , .

medical marijuanaConnecticut's Senate on May 5 passed HB 5389, which will allow citizens to obtain cannabis for medicinal use under defined conditions. The bill cleared the Democrat-controlled Senate in a 21-13 vote. The new law will make Connecticut the USA's 17th medical marijuana state. Opponents of the law raised the usual concerns that those who do not qualify under the act might be able to purchase cannabis with faulty prescriptions. The Connecticut law, however, seeks to eliminate this problem by requiring that qualified patients purchase only from licensed pharmacists who also must obtain a permit to dispense cannabis. The bill has already been passed by the state's House and now only needs to be signed by Gov. Dannel Malloy (D), who has already expressed support for the measure. (Journal Inquirer, Manchester, CT, May 7; Jurist, May 6)

Anti-pot pol caught with pot seeks plea bargain

Posted on September 6th, 2011 by Bill Weinberg and tagged , , , , .

Robert WatsonRobert Watson, a Republican Rhode Island state lawmaker charged with pot possession and DUI in Connecticut, is said to be hoping for a plea bargain in New Haven Superior Court. Watson, who has pleaded not guilty, lost his job as Rhode Island's House minority leader after his April arrest in East Haven. (AP, Aug. 25) Bloggers had a field day with his bust, because he had just recently made comments baiting liberals in his state as soft on immigrants, gays—and pot smokers! Here's what the "Irony Alert" blog in The Week had to say in its coverage of the coverage:

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